How does a family ranch become a cornerstone of the farm-to-table movement?

The Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch is a fifth generation, family owned and operated Hereford cattle ranch in the heart of Wyoming cattle country. Founded in the late 1920’s, the ranch developed to help consumers feel more connected to the land and to where their food comes from. In 2015, the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch launched a limited stock CSA program and with it, a new regionally focused brand identity.

The Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch has a rich family brand that has been established over five generations. New Thought worked to retain the iconic OVO mark while modernizing the brand’s adjacent collateral. In addition to the development of a custom e-commerce website, New Thought created an extensive library of images, three brand videos, and a series of typographic treatments and tag-lines to assist in promoting the brand.


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