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Visit Pinedale

Visit Pinedale

Helping Pinedale, a small western town, discover its “Real Wyoming” tourism potential.

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Pinedale, Wyoming, a small town of 2,030 residents, is shaped and supported by two primary industries: outdoor recreation and oil and gas. With the latter in decline, Pinedale needed to find a new way to promote tourism that would establish itself as a premier recreational destination in an already crowded Rocky Mountain landscape. With the adventure tourism market growing at an incredible rate of 65% yearly from 2013–2019, New Thought set out to promote the destination’s western heritage and opportunities for recreational escapism. We built a destination marketing campaign around rallying cries instead of headlines and created content instead of commercials.


A Rallying Cry

Pinedale is Wyoming’s recreational hidden gem. Its pioneer heritage runs deep, and the local community is passionate about it. New Thought invited the community to help inform the destination marketing campaign’s values. As a result, “The Real Wyoming” is less a brand and more a movement worth rallying around for locals and visitors alike.


Planning for a “Real” Vacation Experience

The redesign of focused on streamlining the vacation planning experience. A universal itinerary builder helps visitors access important information from a variety of community partners. Customized user profiles aggregate the activities most relevant to each visitor and an open-source media library helps publishers tell the Pinedale story.



Content to Share

New Thought produced a suite of editorial photographs and video assets designed to be shared. The “Visit Pinedale” anthem video highlights the destination’s outdoor amenities and rich western heritage. By making the content publicly available for use, our content marketing strategy bolsters SEO and drives editorial brand lift.



Local Message, National Reach

With more than 300 miles of groomed trails that swerve through three Wyoming mountain ranges and boasting an average of 16 feet of snow per year, Pinedale is arguably the premier snowmobiling destination in the Rocky Mountain West. To capitalize on regional brand affinity, New Thought designed a programmatic display campaign that directly referenced the icons of each market the media targets. The result was a 117% YOY increase in click-through traffic.





Traveler Spending


Website Visitors

From a new rallying cry to more engaging content, our work completely revitalized Pinedale’s story. The experience-based website allows visitors to plan and share their itineraries, and its roll-out has been conjoined with an increase in visitation to the destination. Finally, we effected a 12% increase in visitor spending with a search and display campaign targeting visitors more likely to extend their stays.

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