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Helping the Rocky Mountain West’s premier design-build architectural firm tell their story.

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Specializing in the design of award-winning luxury homes, JLF Architects is the preeminent architectural firm in the Rocky Mountain West. In partnership with construction group, Big-D Signature, JLF set out to provide a full spectrum of design-build services to its clients. In order to reach new audiences and promote the partnership with Big-D Signature, JLF needed a way to distill its story into compelling short-format media.


Design. Build. Dream. A Branded Narrative

The content marketing strategy New Thought developed for JLF centered on the development of a high production value brand video. Designed as an anthem for the brand, the JLF video captured the architect’s story, heritage, and award-winning work into a single compelling media asset. The video utilized motion-controlled cinematography, drone footage, and architecturally focused real estate video sequences to capture the magic of JLF’s homes. The video was accompanied by the production of a full library of real estate photography.

New-Thought-JLF-Architects-Video-Production-Design-Build-Dream-Kitchen Island Sink-fullscreen
New-Thought-JLF-Architects-Video-Production-Design-Build-Dream-Livingroom Sofas And Pillows-fullscreen


Inspiring Home Builders with Social Media Craftsmanship

New Thought produced a comprehensive social media and search engine marketing (SEM) program to deliver the JLF brand video and message to market. The campaign included unique, organic, and paid content strategies across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Designed to capture attention and stop users mid-scroll, JLF’s social media strategy included the production of short format video vignettes, behind-the-scenes snapshots, and 360-degree project walkthroughs. The result was consistent month on month end growth of JLF’s social networks and engagement.



Lead Generation


Social Media Engagement

Our approach to brand development and story-based content marketing strategy enabled JLF’s team to better understand their potential. They were thrilled to finally have a marketing and content strategy designed to set their future up for success. A strategy that has since led to a 145% increase in their social media engagement and a 12% increase in their monthly new leads. Our efforts throughout this project were always about turning our client’s values into a definitive vision, and turning that vision into a concrete reality. Since the commencement of our partnership with JLF, their audience and revenue numbers have experienced consistent growth, proving that a clear message and a strategic approach to marketing that message can make a world of difference. By expanding JLF’s brand reach, we enabled them to shift their focus away from client acquisition and on to designing and building those clients’ dream homes.

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