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Renowned for its proximity to the pristine landscapes of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Jackson Hole is a worldwide destination for outdoor recreation. Jackson’s ability to inspire has captivated the minds of adventurers and artists alike for generations. As the valley’s diverse creative community continues to grow, the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts set out to elevate the regional reputation of Jackson Hole as a uniquely creative community. New Thought developed an influencer marketing strategy aimed at highlighting the community’s creative individuals, organizations, and institutions.


Generating a Movement Around Jackson Hole’s Art Culture

As an entirely new non-profit, Wildly Creative needed an identity that captured the spirit of this unique creative destination. New Thought assembled an advisory group of community members, local artists, and regional business leaders to help inform the development of the brand. “Wildly Creative” speaks to the intersection of wild lifestyle and artistic expression. The development of a brand statement and Teton inspired “W” RGB logo helped to convey the community’s creative spirit.


Artists as the Ultimate Social Media Influencers

In developing a media strategy for Wildly Creative, New Thought leaned into the power and reach of local creatives. Dubbed “Pass the Access,” New Thought designed a social media presence that is entirely of, for, and by local artists. Each week, the Wildly Creative Instagram page is taken over by a different Jackson, Wyoming artist. Featuring premier artists like Tom Mangelsen, Kathryn Mapes Turner, and Tim Tomkinson, the strategy brought the unique perspectives of Jackson artists to the forefront. The campaign earned national media attention and editorial for the unique approach.

New-Thought-Wildly-Creative-Jackson-Hole-Photography-Shannon Schacht-Painting-Owl-In-Art-Studio-fullscreen


A Creative Takeover of Jackson’s Town Square

The Jackson Hole Town Square is visited by over two million visitors and local residents each year. New Thought developed a unique out-of-home installation dubbed the Jackson Hole “Creative Town Square” to promote Wildly Creative’s mission during peak travel season. The town square takeover featured live artist-in-residence installations and workshops. Visitors were invited to participate in and learn from local icons of artistic expression.



Empowering Artists to Carry the Message Forward

A campaign for the Jackson Hole community, “Wildly Creative,” sought to provide value to local residents while empowering artists to promote their own stories. New Thought developed a series of free annual workshops each covering a different subject related to strategic marketing to help provide local creatives with the tools needed to promote themselves. The result was a community-wide increase in promotional messaging. Subjects included: “Social Media Marketing,” “Photography for Social Media,” “Building Targeted Media Strategies,” and “Brand Communication Best Practices.”


Unique Impressions Year 1


Influencer Contributions

Our proudest achievement for Wildly Creative is the continual growth of artist participation in the campaign. Since the beginning of the campaign, over 40 local artists—including world-renowned photographer Thomas Mangelsen—have “passed the access” and promoted their story and artistic vision to an ever-growing audience. Each artist who participated in our week-long takeovers also reported substantial follower growth on their own pages. There are few things more exciting than seeing the local arts community come together to elevate Jackson Hole as an arts destination.

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