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WRJ Design

Using a multi-channel content marketing strategy to propel WRJ Interior Design into a national brand.

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WRJ is perhaps the preeminent interior design firm in the Rocky Mountain West. As part of an effort to overhaul its brand, WRJ approached New Thought to help establish a strategy for extending its reach into national ultra-high net worth homeowner markets. Rather than a traditional media strategy, New Thought designed an extensive video and content marketing campaign aimed at building relationships with WRJ’s target audience.


Inspired by the Natural World, Informed by the Rest of It

The bedrock of WRJ Interior Design’s content strategy was the production of over 15 original brand videos. Following the “Hero, Hub, Hygiene” content marketing model, New Thought produced a marquee anthem video, a series of behind-the-scenes exposés, and a variety of highlight videos covering some of the interior design firm’s most exclusive product lines. Productions covered WRJ’s global sourcing process and encompassed video production in Milan, New York, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.



Refined Luxury to Inspire Social Media Audiences

Luxury brands like WRJ can be distant and aloof, which helps them to maintain a sense of exclusivity. Focusing on behind-the-scenes content, short video vignettes, and immersive project walk-throughs, New Thought engineered a social media campaign designed to bring audiences into WRJ’s process.



Immersive Photography for an Immersive Experience

Media is expensive and identifying publications that perfectly suited WRJ’s niche target market was a challenge. Enter “Interrior Magazine,” an original interior design magazine from WRJ. New Thought produced original content including cover photography, project editorial, and images profiling the firm’s exclusive lines such as Ralph Lauren Home, Loro Piana, and Arpin.



New Impressions


Social Footprint


Brand Recall

Our work on behalf of WRJ Design has resulted in the exponential growth of their audience, a direct product of a carefully crafted approach to their social media presence. Today, WRJ Design’s social media evokes an approachability that invites national attention from a sophisticated audience. By balancing refined content with strategic executions, WRJ Design’s social media presence successfully engages new leads and offers the brand’s portfolio increased and efficient exposure.

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