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Rebranding Wyoming’s oldest craft brewery to inspire a new generation of beer drinkers.

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Craft Beer Marketing Awards
2020 Best Can Design (8-12oz)


Graphic Design USA
2020 American Packaging Design Award

Wyoming’s oldest brewery, Snake River Brewing, opened its doors in 1994 just as the nation-wide craft brewing movement began to take shape. Following 25 years of award-winning brews and community-minded operations, a new generation of beer aficionados and a thriving craft beer market present a new set of challenges and opportunities to this beloved regional brewery. New Thought set out to create an identity that was entirely new, yet immediately familiar. Rather than rebrand, it was important that the final result build upon the foundation set by Snake River Brewing’s first 25 years in market.


“Put Our River Through Your Liver”

New Thought began the rebrand process by directly surveying Snake River Brewing customers. With a clear understanding of the brand’s most beloved mechanics, we developed audience-centric brand language in the form of an executive summary and tagline. This language distinguishes the brand and informs an entire set of newly established brand components such as color palette, typeface, and iconography.


A Creative Take on Can Design

In establishing community and conservation as core components of the Snake River Brewing values system, New Thought’s creative team chose to commission label illustrations from a diverse pedigree of regional artists from across the Snake River corridor. Bright colors help to distinguish seasonal varietals and draw attention in crowded beer coolers.



Can Labels Designed to Peel

Arguably a brewery’s single most recognizable piece of marketing collateral, a beer can’s appearance, is as essential to its identity as the quality of the beer itself. Each beer label was designed to peel off of the can, revealing unique designs, illustrations, and anecdotes recognizable to those who are familiar with regional river culture. Furthermore, each label then breaks apart creating a perfectly sized sticker which can be applied to cooler tops, rafts, water bottles, laptops and mini-fridge doors.



Tap Handles of, for, and by the River

Inspired by the large wooden canoe paddle Snake River Brewing first used to stir the mash in its original copper fermenter, the new tap handles were created to be both practical and versatile. Leveraging large type, a tall, narrow profile, and bright, contrasting colors, the tap handles are immediately visible from across a crowded bar. A unique magnetic nameplate for each beer allows for the production of a single tap handle for the entire line making the roll out of new seasonal brews more cost effective.


Brand Voice Through Merchandise

For over 25 years, Snake River Brewing fans have felt a profound sense of ownership over the brewery’s beer. New Thought developed merchandise designed to complement their love for the brand, recreational lifestyles, and respect for regional waterways.


Our rebrand brought the team at Snake River Brewing’s vision to life and elevated their standing from a rag-tag group of local brewers to a more polished brewery capable of producing award-winning beer in award-winning packaging. We welcomed the opportunity to create a full suite of brand collateral—from cans and packaging to merchandise—helped establish standards for future products.

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