How do you build on 117 years of cycling excellence?

Built on pioneering technology and tested with world-class athletes, Fuji is a foundational bicycle brand in an international marketplace. Since it’s inception in 1899, Fuji continues to conceive and construct the worlds best bicycles. Fuji brought us on to create two centerpiece videos for Fuji’s 2016 flagship products, the highly anticipated SL road bike, and the Auric and Rakan mountain bikes.

Shot over a four week timeframe, the videos involved four primary locations: Grand Teton National Park, Grand Targhee Resort, Teton Pass, and a studio sound stage. New Thought wrote, storyboarded, planned, shot and executed these large scale productions. Each video required extensive planning, production, and post production phases such as drone flights, motion control time-lapse, large format 6K video, post-production special effects, pyrotechnics, ATV mounted camera gimbals and large-scale editing.



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