How do you transform a small Wyoming town into a premier travel destination?

Seventy miles southeast of Jackson Hole Wyoming, at the feet of Wyoming’s Wind River Range, lies the town of Pinedale. A small town of 2,030 residents, Pinedale is shaped and supported by two primary industries: tourism, and oil & gas. With the latter in decline, Pinedale needed to find a new way to promote tourism that would establish itself as a premier recreational destination in an already crowded Rocky Mountain landscape.


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Serving as the location’s Agency of Record, New Thought designed two seasonal campaigns aimed at reinforcing Pinedale’s competitive advantages over adjacent travel destinations. The Summer/Fall campaign “The Real Wyoming” focused on growing brand recognition through a large scale social media initiative. The award-winning Winter campaign “Sled The Winds” focused on raising the profile of Pinedale’s unparalleled snowmobiling amenities.